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The SAI Institute of Educare


A thru Z Pediatrics

Meena Chintapalli, MD, FAAP

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1.     2005: Started “San Antonio A thru Z  Pediatrics”,  P.A.


2.     2001: Restarted Private Practice after Quantum declared Bankruptcy.

3.     2000: Mac Gregor Medical Association moved out of San Antonio and MC joined Quantum

4.     1998: Served as The Vice-Chair, Dept. Of Pediatrics, South Texas Methodist Children’s Hospital

5.     1995: Joined Mac Gregor Medical Association as a Pediatrician

6.     1989-1991 was the Chair and Director of pediatrics at Bowling Green of San Antonio, which was a Neuro -Psychiatric Facility, Chaired the Multi Disciplinary meetings

7.     1984-1994 Private Practice, sole proprietor

8.     1981-1983 worked as a clinical instructor at Medical College of Wisconsin in the Department of Pediatrics.


1.     1993: Best Pediatrician in town by the Medical Gazette of San Antonio.

2.     1995: Woman of the Year Award by the Mayor’s Commission of San Antonio,December 21st, 1995.

3.     1997: International Who’s Who among Professionals

4.     2000, 2004, 2006. Marqui’s America’s Who’s who among Professionals

5.     Nov.18th, 2006: Community  Service Award fro outstanding community service in Health, Education & Social Service, by The Alamo Asian Chamber Commerce, presented by the Mayor of San Antonio

6.      2008: AMA Professional Excellence and Distinguished Leadership Award on March 30th, 2008.D.C.

7.     July3rd,2008 by ATA for contributions in medicine and communities

8.     World Physician recognition 2010

9.     Avance Award by Easter Seals 2016


     1.    Quality Assurance:

a.     1992-1998: South Texas Methodist Children’s Hospital

b.     1992-1996: Infectious Disease Committee, S.T.M.C.H.

c.     1992-1995: Humana Health Care Plans

d.     1990-1993: Travellers Health Network

e.     1992-1993: Steering Committee, Humana Woman’s Children’s Hospital

3. 2006: Mayoral Appointee for the San Antonio       Board Of Health till 2008.


1.     1991: Started a Sai  Baba Spiritual Center in San   Antonio.

2.     1991: Involved with the volunteer services at the     Battered Woman’s shelter, Children’s shelter

      Soup Kitchens, Bexar county Detention Programs,

3. 1996 to 2005; Organizes Medical missions in India twice a year.

4. 1998: Started “The Society for Assistance International”, a 501c-3 tax exempt Organization, for Health, Education and Social Welfare without borders.

5. 2002: Started the S.A.I Institute Of Educare as an educational wing of SAI.

6. Teaches the concepts of Neurobiology to parents, therapists and teachers, so that the experience to the children is enriched to stimulate progress

7. 1999:  started the web site for the Educare



1980: Abstract presented and accepted at APA/APS/SPR on Wheezing with Mycoplasma Pneumonia

2001: The SAI Educare calendar with weekly positive thoughts and monthly stories.

2004: Authored “Brain, Mind, SAI Educare”, which is an innovative effort in educating the therapists, teachers and the parents,

Published by the University press of Maryland. And Oxford press.


2005: The Science Educare Lesson Plans.

           Published in October, 2004 (CD and manual)

2017: Published “Early Brain Sprouts from States to Traits”.Available on Amazon