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I was fast-forwarded into motherhood when my daughter arrived 12 weeks early, almost 200 miles away from where she was supposed to be born. By the time I arrived home, ten weeks later, I thought I knew what I was doing! While I thought I was a patient person, there were times when I was over-tired, worried about her reaching developmental milestones, and just plain stressed, that my patience got the best of me. For the first few years, we were doing just fine, but I always felt like I needed some new skills. It was a parenting class where I first realized that parenting required training just like I would receive in a new job.  Learning those [in theory] simple habits and having the opportunity to put them into practice quite literally shifted how I interacted with my child.  I chose to train as a parent educator because I knew from my own experience how the power of language and connection build a child’s self-esteem; how being familiar with stages of development and temperament made it easier to better understand my child’s behaviour; how gaining insight into how the brain works helped me to effectively manage my child’s – and my own - behaviour … and so much more!

What I loved - and still love - about positive parenting is how it empowers parents with practical skills to parent in a more effective, empathetic and connected way. Now that I have a teenager, I am well-aware that the skills learned back in 2008 continue to help me positively manage the challenges that each stage of parenting has brought my way.

Born in England, and raised in Canada, I now live  in Westchester, NY. I studied Japanese Language and Literature and Spanish Studies at the University of Toronto and began my work life began as an English teacher in Japan, followed by 6 years working for Mitsubishi Corporation in Toronto.  After earning my MBA from Canada’s Richard Ivey School of Business, I moved to London and became a mum a few years after that!  In July 2013, my family moved to Rye, New York where I have been teaching courses and workshops in Westchester & Fairfield Counties as well as in NYC. 

​As I  love learning languages and  speak Spanish, I get to bring positive parenting education to Spanish-speaking mums at 5 Steps to Five.  I also serve on the Board of 5 Steps to Five, and have been part of the Heard in Rye team for over 6 years. Recently I became a member of NPEN, the American National Parenting Education.


Richard Ivey School of Business
London, Ontario, Canada
MBA, 2001
Business; Leadership
1999 To 2001

University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
BA, 1990
Japanese Language + Literature; Spanish Studies
1986 To 1990

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The Parent Team
Facilitator at
London UK and Rye NY, United Kingdom
September 2020 - present

The Parent Practice
London UK and Rye NY, United Kingdom
May 2009 - August 2020