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    Cherise,  I can suggest the CHCS resources:  https://www.chcs.org/resource/trauma-informed-care-implementation-resource-center/ All the best, Rahil ------------------------------ Rahil D. Briggs, PsyD National Director | HealthySteps P: 202-864-2960 ...

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    Hi You can find this and more in our Perinatal Trauma Informed Practice Panel https://birth-psychology-classwomb.teachable.com/p/perinatal-trauma-informed-care-practice-panel/?preview=logged_out We are broadcasting these for free this month but the ...

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    Hi Maia, yes there is!  The reason that the link took you to the general member forum is because you didn't accept the invitation issued to you in January for the TGB Connect community.  I just re-sent it to you.  Please join us!  (Reply to me directly, ...

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